49 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Design Ideas You’ll Love 2022

49 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Design Ideas You’ll Love 2022

Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly everyone’s thing. But Valentine’s Day nails? This year there’s something you’re guaranteed to love no matter your feelings. The look might call to mind overly saccharine riffs on candy hearts and kiss prints, but we’re here to show you heart nails don’t have to be cheesy. In fact, there are plenty of Valentine’s Day nail designs that are downright cool—and something you’ll want to wear well past February 14. Think rainbow nails but in shades of pastel or gradients of pink, sparkly rose-gold finishes that actually look grown-up, and of course, a few black-and-white options for those can’t bring themselves to wear red and pink.

So whether you’re the type who’s into all things romantic or your idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day is a hot date with your couch and Netflix, we’ve got a match for you ahead. Scroll on for the best Valentine’s Day nails for 2022.

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