Air Pollution Essay – Paragraph On Air Pollution In Easy English – Causes, Effects And Remedies
Air Pollution Essay - Paragraph On Air Pollution In Easy English - Causes, Effects And Remedies

Air Pollution Essay – Paragraph On Air Pollution In Easy English – Causes, Effects And Remedies

Air Pollution Essay – Causes, Effects And Remedies

Everyone needs air to breathe whether it’s a child or an adult. We can survive approximately 8 to 20 days without food and water depending on different factors but living without air is not even possible for a few minutes, So from this, we can easily conclude that how much air is important for us but now this air is getting impure which is not good for our health. This impurity in the air is termed Air Pollution, In other words, mixing of natural air with any other harmful particle is known as air pollution and these other impure and harmful particle is known as a pollutant, These pollutants are classified into two types one is a primary pollutant which is directly come out from the source and second is the secondary pollutant which results as the mixing of two primary pollutants or one primary pollutant and other particle presents. Depending on the particles mixed it can be harmful to humans or animals or both or neither. Air pollution seems dangerous in today’s time and the coming future. Increasing development of industries, usage of crackers, increasing use of vehicles, and expulsion of harmful gases in the air and so on leads to air pollution. Not only the living bodies get affected by this air pollution but the ozone layer is also depleting which can lead us to a serious problem someday. The day is near when most of us will suffer from asthma, lung infection, lung cancer from small children to adults, and on that the scene will be like “we will be having oxygen masks and mini oxygen cylinder everywhere with us”. The government has taken many steps such as an even/odd system to control the use of vehicles, awareness of planting more plants on nearly every footpath and locality and the least we can do from our hand is that we can plant at least one plant in our house.

The above can be the introduction to your essay on air pollution or you can use it as a paragraph on air pollution. This air pollution essay in English will help you to gain ideas on how you can write the essay on this topic in your own words. You don’t need to copy and paste the exact lines, this essay can create an idea and layout in your mind on how you can write your essay on air pollution in easy English whether you are in class 5th, class 6th or even in class 12th. You can also use this as an article on air pollution.

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Now, In an air pollution essay, you have to discuss how much air is important and how it is getting polluted day by day and from the major causes of air pollution to giving preventive remedies about the situation. Now, we will discuss the major causes of air pollution in the essay:

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What are the major causes of air pollution?

Major causes of air pollution are the emission from vehicles, emission from industries, burning of fuels, chemical plants, and so on. On the other hand in the past, we have a large number of trees which fulfil the need for air to us but as the demand for land is increasing day by day which caused deforestation. CFCs (chlorofluorocarbon) are also one of the primary pollutants of air pollution and these CFCs generates from refrigerants, solvents, and gases for the production of foamed plastics. These CFCs mainly affect ozone.

air pollution essay, essay on air pollution, paragraph on air pollution, causes of air pollution, remedies of air pollution



Primary pollutants: These types of pollutants directly come out from the source. Few examples of primary pollutants are:

  • Sulphur compounds (SO2)
  • Oxides of nitrogen (NO and NO2)
  • Halogen compounds (H2S)
  • Radioactive compounds (Radium 226)
  • Carbon monoxide (CO)

Secondary pollutants: These types of pollutants do not come directly from the source but combinations of two or more primary pollutants react together. Few examples of primary pollutants are:

  • Ozone
  • Formaldehyde
  • PAN (peroxyacetyl nitrate)
  • Photochemical smog

You can add the above section in details when you are writing a scientific essay on air pollution based on facts and names of harmful pollutants gases.

What is the Effect of Air Pollution?

The major effect of this air pollution is on human beings, animals, and plants. In humans, air pollution causes breathing problems, lung cancer, asthma problem, skin problems, and so on. In animals, its effects on the organs of animals and in plants air pollution can cause damage to crops, can affect the growth of crops and so on. One other important effect of air pollution is acid rain which is also very harmful to animals and plants.

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Acid rain: acid rain results when compounds like sulphur oxides and nitrogen oxides interact with water vapour and sunlight and are chemically converted to strong acid compounds. Generally, if the pH of rainwater is less then 5.6 then this rain become acid rain. Acid rain affects vegetation and soils in many ways.

Air pollution is also affecting the ozone (O3) layer present in the boundary of our earth to protect our earth from harmful UV rays, this ozone layer is getting depleted due to this air pollution once this layer will be completely broken then UV rays can directly enter into our atmosphere and can lead very serious problems and can cause death too, ozone is destroyed due to the photolytic reaction of CFCs. Global warming occurs due to carbon dioxide (CO2) and other air pollutants. Mostly the gases cause this global warming, these gases trapped inside the earth’s atmosphere and increases the earth’s temperature and that causes global warming i.e. rise in the temperature above than0 normal one and this phenomenon is known as the greenhouse effect. Flora and fauna would also be adversely affected by the increase in temperature. Sudden change in the temperature can cause the formation of cyclones, and can also melt the glaciers which can lead to a rise in the water level and can be dangerous to the people living near the coastal areas.

The major greenhouse gases are:

  • Carbon dioxide (57%)
  • Methane (CH4) (12%)
  • Nitrous oxide (6%)
  • Cholorofloro carbon (25%)
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Air pollution is not merely a nuisance and a threat to health. It is a reminder that our most celebrated technological achievements-the automobile, the jet plane, the power plant, industry in general, and indeed the modern city itself-are, in the environment, failures. Barry Commoner


Ways To Reduce Air Pollution

Today air pollution reached its peak value but there are many ways through which we can still  control this air pollution and the ways to control or reduce air pollution are as follows:

Reforestation- Planting more and more trees can increase the quality of air in the atmosphere. The government has also taken many initiatives to plant trees on streets and in our hands what we can do we can plant trees in our house as well as locality.

Policy for industries- Most of the toxic gases present in the air pollution comes from the industries so there must be a strict policy for the industries to filter the gases they release from their plants. This will reduce the number of pollutants in the atmosphere which causes air pollution.

Use of eco-friendly fuel- We can either use battery-operated vehicles or instead of petrol and diesel operated vehicles we can use LPG, CNG, and electric vehicles for the reduction of harmful gases in the atmosphere to reduce air pollution.

Change in the way of living- instead of using energy from burning fossil fuels, we can use a different source of energy like solar energy.

Nowadays as technology is increasing day by day, there are many air purifier available in the market to balance the air quality in our home. These internal air purifiers filter outs the harmful pollutants present in the air and provides us with better air quality to breathe.


Conclusion of Air Pollution Essay

To conclude, we can say that the air we breathe is getting impure day by day. But, humans have taken this problem seriously and are taking preventive measures to cure this problem for the present as well as for future problems. As we know, for remaining fit and healthy, a balanced diet is recommended, the same way to keep our environment and air quality healthy, we need to balance the factors causing air pollution, If we can’t control the increasing industrialization, then we can start reforestation in the glade areas. This will increase the air quality as well as reduce air pollution.


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