How To Remove Negative Thoughts And How To Remain Positive – Top 7 Ways

How To Remove Negative Thoughts And How To Remain Positive – Top 7 Ways

How To Remove Negative Thoughts And How To Remain Positive

Our mind is so strong that even the super-computer comes from this mind. But controlling it with our on going thoughts can very tricky. For example, do one thing for the next 20 seconds try not to think about the word INDIA but guess what for the next 20 seconds you keep thinking about the word INDIA now that’s you have to work, which you have to control. In many research it is found out that the mind works in a very different pattern as in the above case it is found out that if you are instructed not to think about something then it is very difficult for you to not think about that thing and that’s how mind works. Now one of the tricky things that this mind does with us is Negative Thinking which keeps playing with us all the time and in every situation.

Negative thoughts are very common. Negative Thoughts meaning is not like we are doing it in our mind it is more like our way of thinking or you can say that the mind when saw something process it and give its result in two ways. Either we think positive about that thing or we think negatively about that thing and this process depends on the way of our thinking which can be controlled. Before the results of any situation whether in our favor or not, we all pass through the stage of negative thinking about it. In my opinion, negative thoughts in some situations are good as after finding out the positive result we feel very much relief. But getting negative thoughts in every situation can affect the state of our mind. Negative thoughts not only affect the state of our mind but also it affects us in many ways like we feel negativity even in our good surroundings, it affects the work efficiency, we get unmotivated and we start feeling that we are Good For Nothing. The major reason for negative thoughts is our way of thinking about something, sometimes we think of useless stuff which isn’t real but we make it real in our mind and that type of thinking leads us to negative thoughts. Negative thoughts affect the personality of a human being as negative thoughts give rise to anger, feeling of depression, or much more. Sometimes automatically our minds lead us to negative thinking and we start feeling that this world is dark and there is no room for happiness in this world, which isn’t true but only the state of our mind and getting out of this negative thinking stage is difficult. Negative thoughts sometimes make us think the opposite of what the real situation is and sometimes that leads us to feel that we are alone in this world. We sometimes hurt the feeling of our loved ones because of these negative thoughts. Now the question arises how we can overcome these negative thoughts? Or How To Remove Negative Thoughts From Mind Permanently? Or How To Get Rid of Negative Thoughts? or How To Stay Positive and Happy? Challenging negative thinking is not simple but with determination and hard work you can achieve it and also with positivity you can defeat it too. As it is said

“It Always Seems Impossible Until It
Is Done.”

 By Nelson Mandela

Positivity, it’s a very simple word but if we try to find the meaning of it, it has a very deep meaning which can drastically change our lives. Positivity not only helps in a good state of mind but also helps in increasing confidence, helps in achieving future goals, and what not. If your mind is full of positivity then you can feel the difference in yourself, in your work, and in the world around you. As it is said,

“Keep Your Values Positive Because Your Values

Become Your Destiny”

By Mahatma Gandhi.

Achieving a positive mind is very difficult but not impossible. In this blog, you will get the answers to some of the general questions in everybody’s mind which are “How To Remove Negative Thoughts From Mind” “How to Overcome Negativity” “How to Get Positive Thinking”.

Some of the common life situations where we get negative thoughts or you can say that below-given points are some common negative thoughts examples:

     1.When We Try To Compare Ourselves With Other’s Lifestyle

  • We always remain worried about the status of people in our nearby surroundings. It hurts us more when we think that they are more than us.
  • This is a very common human nature that with the availability of all the necessary resources, we feel bad for the things we don’t have.

      2. Due To Our Disturbing Environment or Surroundings

  • Environment is a very important factor for the thoughts as in a good environment you get positive thoughts more easily than in a bad environment.
  • Environment also consists of our surroundings which have a great effect on our positive or negative thinking.

   3.Feeling Lazy and Drowsy, and Can’t Able to Concentrate On Any Work

  • I think a student can relate to this point more than an adult because adults have their work deadlines with them but students have to motivate themselves for studies and the most dangerous barrier in front of students is their laziness.
  • Laziness not only affects their studies but also makes the student unmotivated for any of the other important tasks.

     4.Feeling Lonely When Having Some Misunderstanding/Fights With Friends

  • Lonely means alone with our thoughts and when you are alone with your thoughts and had fought with your friends then only negative thoughts are going to happen in your mind.
  • Having fights, misunderstandings, ignorance with friends makes us think negatively about them. We start considering ourselves lonely with no friends, or a person not suitable for anyone to befriend, or start finding faults in others.

   5.Breakup In Any Relationship

  • Breakup sounds like separation but not the end of life. Breakup in any relationship results in anxiety, tension, no chit-chat, no happiness, tears, etc.
  • In this phase we lost one of the most important people in our life then definitely we are going to get negative thoughts only.

   6.Parent’s Expectations From Their Children To Fulfill Their Dreams/Earn More and More Money

  • Right from the birth, Parent’s dream is to have their children to be a doctor, engineer, musician, etc. This makes children feel pressured and in case if they are not able to fulfill their dreams they start taking things in a negative way, that everything is ended, there are no options left which is not true at all.
  • They start thinking that they can’t do well in their life even if they have other’s skills.

    7.Desire For Achieving Name and Fame and Failing To Do So

  • Everyone desire of becoming a famous YouTuber, dancer, actor, Blogger, Fashion-designer and etc, This trend is mostly socialized on Facebook, Instagram, medium, quora, etc. Having huge variety on a particular topic leads to competition among all. People want to get recognized with a million trillion views, unfortunately, if failed to do so, they start to become negative with their content which ultimately leads to negative thoughts.
  • In other’s cases after getting fame too people start negative thinking which leads to downfall in their carrier as well as in their view.

There are many other examples where we feel negativity in our minds. If you have any example in your mind which you think is common then you can share it in the comment section.

Now that we have talked about the root causes of negative thoughts, let us know that “How To Remove Negative Thoughts From Mind or How to Stay Positive Always or How To Stay Positive During Difficult Times. There are many research and live examples available to overcome these negative thoughts.

Few Points To Keep Negative Thoughts Away From Our Sub Conscious Mind And Brain

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  • Keep a Positive Attitude and a Good Environment Around Yourself.

If you keep yourself positive you will not get negative thoughts, but how? This positive attitude can be achieved with positive thinking which isn’t easy but with practice and determination, you can achieve this positive thinking easily. Try to think positively in every situation and practice it more and more, then only you can overcome your negative thoughts. Sometimes positive thinking quotes help us to stay positive. As it is said:

“Once You Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Ones,

You’ll Start Having Positive Results.”

By Willie Nelson


  • Meditation

You must have heard of this old saying that meditation for negative thoughts. Meditation is the most powerful tool not just to control your body but it will help you to control your mind also. By meditation, one can achieve a fully concentrated mind and personality to have a positive approach in any situation. Most of the successful examples in this world have said that meditation is somehow responsible for what they have today that is a success, a healthy body, a positive mind, concentration.

  • Try To Fool Your Mind

For example, suppose your flight gets delayed by one hour then instead of thinking about the delay take it as an opportunity to make new friends (if you are flying from an international airport then you can make international friends) at the airport which get your mind diverted from the fact that the flight is delayed ultimately you get positive thinking even in this situation. Try to distract your mind in any situation and start thinking the other way around which leads you to a positive approach towards anything.

  • Date Your Mind

It sounds weird but a date with your mind means like have a cup of tea alone with yourself and try to talk to your mind with a positive approach and make him (mind) feel good by memorizing the proud moments in your life, the moments which make you happy this will not only help you to achieve positive thinking but will provide you the strength for further achievements.

  • Make Changes In You

We all feel sometimes we underestimate ourselves which is our great weakness and lead us to negative thoughts, and these negative thoughts act as a catalyst to our weakness and try to mold us to remain what we are today but only by defeating these weaknesses we can achieve our goal but how? Simple write down the list of negative thoughts you ever encountered in your life and think about your weakness and try to overcome them one by one, you can enroll yourself into 21 days challenge to achieve your goal. This exercise will not affect you to overcome your weakness but also can help you to achieve positive thinking.

  • Reading

Reading Books either fictional or motivational helps us to think in a positive direction. Some of the books like positive thinking books help us to get rid of the negative thoughts. Reading books gives you time alone with yourself and into the journey of the book world which helps you to control your mind somehow.

  • Music

Listening To Music can help us in many ways in controlling our body or mind. Music helps us to grow in a different positive direction. Music helps us to pass the alone time in which we think in a negative direction mostly.

The important point which you must remember that there is no formula to remove negative thoughts but with your hard work and determination and practices you can control your mind to think positively in any situation.

We hope the information will help you to understand How to remove negative thoughts. This blog deals with some of the examples where we get negative thoughts and some of the procedures to remove these negative thoughts or how to stay positive.

Stay positive and think about the good things you have.

We are open to your comments and views on this blog and if you want to share any of your stories you can share them using the comment section or you can mail us directly.

Thank you, Readers.



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